Diane CORMIER, Bac.ès Arts, Bac.Education, M.Sc.Psychology, M.B.A.,


Diane Cormier is an entrepreneur whose main field of interest is education. She was seduced by the beauty of the Church, formerly known as Church of the Good Shepperd, and wanted to make it a place of self-expression for children. For example, she started the English and French Immersion Camp, French Camp Camp, of which she is now the Administrator.


Carmen NONO, B.A. McGill University, Certificate in Teaching a Second Language,

English and French teacher,

Carmen Nono seems to have the gift of languages. She already has five spoken languages, French, English, Kiniarwanda, Spanish and Italian. She gained a good seven-year experience of teaching English through her work in private schools. In addition, she is well versed in the difficulty encountered in learning French as a second language following her involvement as a French consultant for McGill University. Her competence, experience and dynamism allow her to adequately assist children in their learning process of French or English.

Antoine PRUNEAUX, Bachelor of Science, Bac. in Engineering Physics (in progress), Studies in Euphonium, lyric singing and musical analysis at the Conservatory of Music of La Rochelle, Studies in Euphonium Interpretation at UdeM,

Music teacher,

Originally from France, Antoine Pruneaux arrived in Quebec in 2009. Initially oriented towards science, he could not restrain his attraction to music as his main professional activity. A teacher of early childhood music, Antoine has developed a method of learning to support the attention of children, La portée fantastique. To meet the interests of French Camp Camp’s pre-teens, Antoine has adapted his teaching method, La portée fantastique, to this age group.

Dance teacher: position to be filled


Jacques BEAUGRAND, Bac.ès Arts, M.Sc.Psy, Ph.D.,

Animator for Sciences of the Nature.

Professor-researcher at UQAM for 30 years in animal behaviour. Dr. Beaugrand’s primary area of ​​research has been dominance behaviours in animals. The Camp is happy to give the children the extensive knowledge of this retired teacher, still dazzled by the wonders of nature.



Daniel TADROS, B.A.Marketing, B.A.Music,

Technical Designer

Artist, musician, Daniel Tadros forms with his twin Éric, a duet of singers, composers, performers. Co-owner of Due Bélier Records, he runs a high caliber recording studio where several well-known Quebec artists have performed. Daniel Tadros is in charge of the technical musical organization of French Camp Camp.