Day Camp


French Camp Camp is an opportunity to reconcile parents’ summer holidays with the development of the child.

The Camp offers children the opportunity to explore their own interests, develop their skills and make varied learning in a fun context while allowing them to spend quality time with their parents.

Parents will find, through accommodation at Camping Nature Plein Air, a healthy environment and offer their children access to cultural, scientific and sports activities in a relaxing atmosphere.

At French Camp Camp, families will have the opportunity to spend a relaxing and enjoyable vacation, giving their child the chance to participate in rewarding activities with companions of their age.


Children from 6 to 16 years, girls and boys;

A maximum of 20 children per group;

The groups are also trained: 10 Francophones, 10 Anglophones.

Since French Camp Camp is located just minutes from the US border, we recruit unilingual English participants especially in the American community.


The French Camp Camp seeks to promote, among children, the discovery of interests or the exploitation of known talents in the arts, science and sport while learning a second language, French for some, English for ‘other.


Children stay at Camping Nature Plein Air for two weeks with an adult: father, mother or other;

Cultural and sporting activities take place during the 5 days of the week.
For these 5 days: a) Half of the day is devoted to culture in the space of Glen Sutton Historical Church, under the supervision of three teachers: a musician, a dancer and a language teacher; b) The other half of the day is spent at the campsite where the children play sports: kayaking on the Missisquoi River, volleyball, swimming, group games;
Meals are taken with parents. However, a basket of fruit is available at all times for children to the Church;
During the weekdays, from 9am to 12pm and from 1pm to 4pm, the language teacher supervises children in learning the language that is foreign to them;

During the weekends: nature exploration activities, led by a renowned teacher, are scheduled for Saturday;
Sunday is left to free activities, some being organized by Camping Nature Outdoors;


At the end of a two week session, French Camp Camp wishes,

* children have at least broken the ice when using a second language, have improved from their point of departure, or have acquired the desire to go further;

* children have been comfortable speaking in a foreign language through music, song, speech and dance;

* That they have been awakened by the observation and experimentation of natural phenomena with the marvels of nature and the necessity of preserving it;

* They have reached a level of body comfort through physical activity;

* They have had an intoxicating holiday with children of their age also enjoying the presence of their parents.



Each group of a three-week stay consists of a maximum of 20 children: 10 children who are fluent in French and 10, perfectly English. A day is spent in French, the next day is in English. Friday is dedicated to individual benefits for children in both languages.

Respect for the language spoken on the designated day is a very strict requirement. A monitor assigned to learning the language follows the children every day of the week. A music and dance teacher directs the cultural activities that take place at the church.


The church is equipped with musical instruments that a child can use with a basic approach provided by the music teacher. There is, on the spot, all the equipment necessary to allow the child to run: amplifiers, microphones, tripods, console with effects. A Karaoke system is available to facilitate the learning of French and English. In addition, a recording studio is available for children.


An instructor teaches the basics of hip-hop, jazz and break dance. Children are invited to create a choreography that is presented to parents and friends at the end of the session;

In addition, at the end of the camp, each child must present a slam arrangement, in the language they are learning, consisting of a minimum of three sentences;

Through sports, the child is called to develop the team spirit, to acquire faith in him.